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We want to offer our guests the comfort of a home, the professionalism of a hotel, a productive space & unforgettable experiences for a compelling value, enabled by technology, strong partnerships & excellence in our work.

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If you are interested in the economics of short-term rentals and corporate housing, send us a message or give us a call.

We offer lease & management agreements

With the help of our Interior Designers, we can also revamp your empty spaces into fully-furnished & move-in ready properties.

Hotel amenities without hotel formality.

Our mission is to offer a more local and immersive experience combined with the reliability and safety you can find in reputable hotels.

A stay infused with creativity and culture

From beautiful interiors to curated neighborhood guides, our stays celebrate

what’s special about the city we call home.

Re-design your home

We aim to make Arca the world’s most respected hospitality brand for business travels and tourism. That’s why we take pride in thoughtfully designing the ideal properties for our guests and partners.


Location: Luxembourg City
Bedrooms: 2
Availability: August 1st 2023

Arca technology to enhance the rental experience

From requesting new fresh towels, to watching a tutorial about how the dishwasher works, or booking a late checkout, our app puts you in control.

Everything you need is just a tap away.

Feels like home but better

The Arca Standard is not just offering a beautiful, comfortable, or productive space, but it is to inspire you in the city.

Unlock extraordinary experiences

Feel like a true local with our neighborhood guide. Experience even more with access to our selected list of activities and day-trip ideas — from guided tours, indoor skydiving sessions, to on-demand car rentals to visit the closest winery — designed to elevate everyday living.

Maximize your productivity

Each of our corporate standard apartments are fully-equipped with a Google-office-inspired workstation, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to on-demand print and desktop upgrade options.

Become the best version of yourself

At Arca, we help you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself physically, mentally, and consciously.
We offer on-demand local gym subscriptions, wellness retreats, and much more.

A stay designed with you in mind.

Your wellbeing and comfort is our priority. Our 24/7 guest conciergerie service is always available to answer your requests.

List of companies that trust us.

We service thousands of flexible renters & 

work with Fortune 500 companies to relocate their employees in their new temporary homes.

A day at home transformed into a five-star experience. Each space fully-equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, workspace upgrade options, smart home entertainment, kitchenware & toiletries, and even access to premium amenities like gyms & pools in selected buildings.

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